The fun to see in Las Vegas is Spectacular

The fun to see in Las Vegas is Spectacular

After leaving the Grand Canyon, the next stop from the “West Wonder” Tour from Trek America is Las Vegas. Regardless of your expectations for this purpose, chances are that you will be fascinated by the atmosphere and luxury. If you also enjoy gambling in your spare time on the best sites playing slots and such, then you really will fall in love with the real thing. But even if you don’t like to gamble, Las Vegas has so much to offer for all tastes and types of tourists.

How to get around Las Vegas
Unlike Los Angeles, it’s very easy to get around the city. Almost everything you can visit is on the main road called The Strip. Then there is the Downtown neighborhood at the end of the main road. For around $ 8 you can buy a “Transit Pass” card that allows you to go up and down as much as you need on a bus that operates every 14-20 minutes, 24 hours a day.

On the other hand, you should know that you can enter all of The Strip’s hotels even if you don’t live in them and that most of them are connected by a small free train (so you don’t have to walk outside because it happens to be very hot in Las Vegas there is in the desert, there are also paths along the road, which allow you to cross easily from one side to the other.

What’s fun to see in Las Vegas
Even if you are not interested in getting married or playing in a casino, this city is an authentic amusement park that will amaze you every time and every corner.

  1. Freemont Street
    The walk in Downtown is the historic center of the city, where everything was born in 1930 when it was decided to legalize gambling in the state of Nevada. With one walk, you can get to know this part of the city. There are casinos and the first hotels in the city, all covered with 2 million lights, there are people who fly over your head as you walk, players at every corner.
  2. Bellagio and the Emperor’s Palace
    Who doesn’t know the two most famous casinos in the world? Don’t miss the opportunity to go to Bellagio, because at night it offers the most impressive free water and light shows in a spectacular environment. The 4-diamond hotel interior, like the Caesar Palace, is all glamorous and elegant. There are many spacious halls with fresh flowers that are reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. Both of them were impressed with their luxury. If you are a fan of Gordon Ramsay chefs, be sure to visit the last restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen.
  3. The Venetian
    Venetian is the largest casino in the world but apart from that, it really amazes me with its facade and interior. Amazing Venetian recreation. If you want, you can line up to ride the gondola through a shopping center. No matter what word I use, it’s impossible to capture a scene!
  4. Stratosphere
    This strange casino hotel with a 350 meter tall tower was built in the 90s. The view of Las Vegas from this point of view is truly spectacular (around $ 20 per entrance). They also have a rotating restaurant and three attractions on the roof. The Big Shot is the highest where you will test free fall. X Scream Ride is a small roller coaster train that will shake and brake as soon as you reach emptiness. The Insanity Ride will make you hang on the edge of the tower, turn around and leave you really flying over Las Vegas.
  5. Paris
    Not only is it interesting to see the “mini” Eiffel Tower (half its original size) converted into a casino hotel, but in this case, the interior will also surprise you making you feel for a moment as if you were back in real Paris.
  6. The Fashion Show Mall
    This mall not only has a replica of the Trevi Fountain on the front, but inside it will also surprise you with Roman decorations.
  7. Luxor, Excalibur, and New York
    All three casinos are all close together. The most spectacular is their exterior and that, in a matter of minutes, one can “travel” to Egypt with Luxor (with replicas of the Sphinx, Karnak statues and glass pyramids), to the Middle Ages (with the Excalibur fairytale castle) and to New York (with replicas Chysler and the New York Statue of Liberty). Also, if that is not enough, at the last time you can ride a roller coaster that passes through various metropolis buildings.
  8. Las Vegas Cartel
    Located at the entrance to the city and usually full of tourists at all times. It’s in an open field and there’s not much to do but take pictures. If you go at night, you will need a lot of flash because there is nothing more than a poster.
  9. Flamingo As the name of the casino-hotel in this interior shows, you will find palm trees and pink flamingos to decorate the place.
  10. The Aquarium of the Mandalay Bay At this casino you can visit an aquarium with many protected speThe fun to see in Las Vegas is Spectacularcies and, if you are lucky in a casino, you can spend a whopping 650 bucks (1000 for two people) to get into an aquarium with sharks.

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