A guide to transportation in Bali

A guide to transportation in Bali

Welcome to Bali!
Now that you are in Bali (or doing pre-trip planning), you might be wondering how you should go around Bali. The choice for transportation in Bali may seem very clear to many people, and is very unusual for others. Traveling around Bali may not be that simple, compared to what you usually do.

It’s not as easy as renting an insured car at home, as you would if you were American or Australian, for example. Or call a taxi or order Uber like you do in the streets of Manhattan.

(For your information, there is no metro or train system in Bali.)

Most likely, you want to plan to use the option combination that best suits your needs and circumstances.

Factors to consider
What should you take into account when considering modes of transportation to get around Bali?

The following are the most influential factors to consider:…