10 Great US Spa East Coast Retreats Away from the City

10 Great US Spa East Coast Retreats Away from the City

Sometimes, city life and travel can be a little excessive. This is especially true when you explore the east coast of America, which is home to large concrete forests such as New York, Chicago and Detroit. Fortunately, this area also offers the best spa destinations in the US which are right outside the main city center of the beach. It can help you relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing an excellent way to relax and make yourself ready for more adventure trips in the busy east coast metropolitan area. Here are some of the best you can visit during your trip:

Spa at Charleston Place in South Carolina

Southern Living notes that if you are looking for a place with the right balance of nature, shopping and culture, you will love the city of Charleston, South Carolina. After exploring local famous destinations such as Calhoun Mansion and Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, you can make an appointment at The Spa at Charleston Place. They offer relaxing body treatments, which include special scrubs, detoxification of seaweed, and deep tissue massage. They also have a complete spa package that you can try. The Girlfriend’s Get-away is a special bestseller, because it includes their distinctive faces, your massage choices, Margaret Dabbs Pedicure, and spa lunches served by the pool.

Please Mountain House in New York

New York is clearly the most famous concrete forest in the world, with Yoreevo noting that there are nearly 14,000 tall buildings that are more than six stories high. It’s not hard to see why New Yorkers themselves often find the city arrogant. For those who live in the Big Apple, going out of town to a yoga resort is a great way to take a break from the chaos of urban life. Mohonk Mountain House is the right choice because it’s less than two hours drive from NYC. Built in 1869, it was once a simple inn built on a small mountain peak. Now, this is a large Victorian hotel with a 30,000 square foot spa, 16 treatment rooms and a shared solarium.

The Lodge at Woodloch in Pennsylvania

Another quick escape from New York is The Lodge, which is only a two-hour drive from the city. They have 57 rooms inspired by nature – all with private verandas. They are famous for their 40,000 square foot spa, and a private lake measuring 15 acres. There are also aerobics, yoga and meditation classes at the hotel. After filling the cottage, you can also visit the charming city of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. An ancient city that can easily rival the best European destinations, this city is home to historic buildings, winding streets and lots of relaxed charm.

Buttermilk Falls Inn + Spa in New York

The name of the property sounds like you will be bathed with buttermilk milk on arrival. Instead, the name signifies how the 75-hectare Hudson River Valley plantation has comfortable lodging options along with farm-to-table restaurants and kitchens focused on organic. So, if you are looking for a weekend getaway to detox and relax, Buttermilk Falls Inn is your best choice. They have world-class spas, which you can visit after checking parks, walkways and animal protection in the area.

Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club in Massachusetts

The remarkable thing about city centers and tours on the east coast is that the ocean is never too far away for a fast beach runaway. Just go to Brewster – a charming hamlet on Cape Cod’s elbow, full of lush gardens like Nickerson State Park. You can also spend a day on the beach before getting a relaxing treatment at Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club. Beach treatments plus spa are equivalent to the perfect way to relax.

Girls Day Fitness and Spa in Clearwater Beach, Florida

Florida is far more than just a theme park, and if you are traveling with a group of friends, be sure to take your female friend to a five-day full fitness retreat at Girls Day Fitness and Spa. Here, you can enjoy beautiful sunset walks, elite spa services, and other health offerings under the hot Florida sun. With this facility, you can revoke and focus on your well-being before returning to your travel adventure.

The Seagate Spa, Delray Beach, Florida

Another great Florida spa that you can visit while on a short vacation from the city is Seagate Spa. The whole experience is built to avoid your environment and get away from noise. Every treatment at the spa combines the cold vibrations of Delray. You need to try the Seagate version of hot stone massage, which includes a Swedish massage using a warm shell instead of stone. You can also enjoy a spa wet body treatment, which uses a Vichy rain shower to soothe sick nerves.

The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa in Manchester, Vermont

Manchester is tucked away in the middle of lush mountains, which means you are completely cut off from the noise of the city. And if your travel plans range from exploring Manhattan or Boston, know that it’s only four hours from the first and two hours from the last. Harper’s Bazaar recommends that you begin your journey by visiting local breweries, art galleries and historic houses. If you still have plenty of time, you can try fishing or shooting on clay. After a full day, you can relax at the spa at Equinox Golf Resort – their typical body therapy can eliminate all your stress from a busy trip.

Sojo Spa Club at Edgewater in New Jersey

The Sojo Spa Club is known for the unequal health experience they offer. They have more than 140,000 square feet of swimming pools, special baths, saunas and treatment rooms. The Sojo Spa Club sitting and dining room is also worth mentioning. Another unique thing about this property is how this property is deeply rooted in Korean culture. Sojo Spa Club offers authentic Korean Body Scrub, which includes a wet massage with soothing lavender oil and a moisturizing rinse. When you arrive, you will feel like you have been flying around the world for relaxation inspired by Asians.

Grand Mountain View Resort & Spa in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is known for its ancient cities and vast expanse of wilderness. One of the best ways to get to know Country Granite is to take Mt. Washington Road or take the popular Cog Train to Mt. Washington. Once you are satisfied with the outdoor activities that trigger adrenaline, you can let professionals at Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa take care of the aching muscles. They have 10 spacious treatment rooms where you can get a variety of spa services, which include body, facial and massage treatments, as well as manicures and pedicures.

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